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Here We Grow Again! auracom/Interhop is pleased to announce High Speed Internet throughout Muskoka*

To find out how to get High Speed Internet as low as $25.95/month please email us at .

In order to sign-up for DSL services in your area, you must first be prequalified to ensure availability in your area with your name and phone number. We will check service availability for you and get back to you with the results.

Other Services Offered:

Unlimited Dial up Access $17.95/Month
High Speed Dialup with Browseblast $22.95/Month
6400+ Dialup Locations across North America with No Roaming Charges.

You may also call us at our Minden store at 705-286-6580 or toll free at 1-877-287-2266

Thank you from the auracom/Interhop team!