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Advantages of Ecommerce from Auracom

Sell your products or services online!

Automated ordering lets your staff focus on building the business.
- Reach out to customers regardless of where they are or what time of day they want to shop.
- Communicate special offers and stay in touch with your customers.

As more customers turn to the web as a form of research before making a purchase, it becomes increasingly important to capture a sale before they visit your competitor. Accepting payments online is key to maximizing every sale opportunity.

Conventionally, entering the world of ecommerce has been a daunting task, particularly for small businesses. Our ecommerce package, featuring EasyStoreMaker Pro has easy to use tools to get your store up and running hassle free.


EasyStoreMaker Pro offers advanced tools to build a full-featured store. Bundled with a free SSL certificate, EasyStoreMaker Pro also features support for online credit card processing, and offers a secure page to view all online orders.

- No eCommerce development experience needed
- Support of all international currencies
- Ability to apply product-specific discounts
- Ability to categorize products (i.e. new, on sale)
- Calculation of shipping charges by order weight
- Customers can select product colour, size, etc.
- Secured area for credit card processing
- Encrypted payment information
- Built-in inventory mgnt. to avoid shortages
- Customizable look to reflect corporate brand*
- Bundled SSL certificate - FREE
- Offer an unlimited number of products
- Customizable storefront colour scheme
- Set a max quantity/order for individual products

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